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Fixed recessed interior device. Equipped with 30W COB LED, 230mm diameter, mounting by special adjustable springs by screwdrivers, on drywall or other materials, mountable on the ceiling or on the wall. Die-cast aluminum body and round or square aluminum frame, available in white and black painted finish or white painted finish with glass. A special satin-type filter is provided to get a wider light beam. Ideal for indoor environments, especially for shops and exhibition areas.


Code Description Finitura Alimentatore Input Numero Led Colore Luce Gradi Lente Lumen Max Potenza Max
LI13N30W1F6C Lira 13N 30W LC 60° 230V Nero Nero 230Vac 1 Warm light 60° 3100lm 30W
LI13N30W9F6C Lira 13N 30W LN 60° 230V Nero Nero 230Vac 1 Natural light 60° 3150lm 30W
LI13NRA Lira 13 Flangia tonda bianco Bianco
LI13NRC Lira 13 Flangia tonda nero Nero
LI13NRTA Lira 13 Flangia tonda vetro+bianco Specchio
LI13NSA Lira 13 Flangia quadra bianco Bianco
LI13NSC Lira 13 Flangia quadra nero Nero
LI13NSTA Lira 13 Flangia quadra vetro+bianco Specchio

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